As Iran is large and important country in the heart of Middle East with lots of potentially and available infrastructures, 


There are lots of projects in Iran which respect the invests. Some of these projects are at the earliest work; some of them are at the middle


As may the new ideas, change the world one day, we decide to give the chance to those inventors, 








Economic advantages:

• The 18h largest economy in the world by purchasing power parity (ppp)

• Consumption and the government plan billions of dollars worth of further investment to increase this share.

• The diversified economy and broad industrial base with over 40 industries directly involved in the Tehran stock Exchange is the industrial base in the MENA region.

• Resource-rich economy

• Labor-rich economy

• Young and educated population

• Large domestic market

• The Middle East market is a prime market opportunity for Iran’s non-oil exports

• An increasingly sophisticated infrastructure and human capital base providing the foundation for an emerging knowledge –based economy.


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