As Iran is large and important country in the heart of Middle East with lots of potentially and available infrastructures, 


There are lots of projects in Iran which respect the invests. Some of these projects are at the earliest work; some of them are at the middle


As may the new ideas, change the world one day, we decide to give the chance to those inventors, 





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iraninvestopedia” found in 2016 as the private sector to pave the way for all investors and investees.  Since Iran is one of the important country at the heart of Middle East, and since Iran has a lot of advantages such as Natural Resources, Oil and Gas Reservoir, available infrastructures, educated manpower and….it is always one of the best choices for investment on. Moreover, the new situation in Iran attracts a lot of investors.

So “iraninvestopedia” decided to connect “the investors” all over the world with “Iranian projects” with the aim of development and benefit.

Also as each new idea can change the world at a glance, “iraninvestopedia” respects all the innovative ideas and try to introduce them to those who are interested in.

By registering in web site as the “investors”, “investees” or “Golden Ideas” you can share your information and requests with the others.

Furthermore, website introduces the valuable projects as the “Special Opportunities” to the investors to find the best choices for investment.

More than 30 Fields of Projects and Interests are as following :

Oil & Petroleum, Gas, Petrochemicals, Refining & Distribution, Industry, Mine, Trade , Roads & Urban Development, Housing, Transfer & Shipment, Medical Care & Health, Medicine, Biomedical Engineering, Food Industry, Agriculture, Electronic, Telecommunication, Digital & Software  Industry, Education, Environment, Aerospace Industry, HSE, Press & News, Refining & Distribution, Nano-Technology,  Culture, Art, Handicrafts, Truism & Travelling, Hoteling, Banking, Exchange & Insurance, NGOs and Charities.

All the visitors and Users are requested to send their comments to info@iraninvestopedia.ir.

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